The presidential nominee


Kovind will have a smooth walkover to presidency

Modi and Amit shaw the chatur Baniya have chosen a Dalit Candidate to confuse and divide the congress & its allies. Ramnath Kovind,belongs to the scheduled caste and is a two time Rajyasabha member. A law graduate from UP & Governor of Bihar. Congress is trying to put up Meira kumar ex speaker of Lokhsabha to devide  the  dalit votes & to ideologically challenge the NDA.

Each of the MP’s carry a vote of 708 value .The vote weight of an MLA depends on the population of a state he represents: The presidential candidate needs 50% Plus vote to win :The voting is done through a secret Ballot : The party cannot issue a WHIP.The members of the electrol  college are free to vote as per their conscience.

The electrol college is heavily  loaded in favour of Ramnath Govind. Shiva sena joining the NDA to vote for him along with other allies is sure to send him to Raisina Hills. The total no of votes of all the MPs and MLA’s comes to 10,98,903 : Each MP will carry a vote value of 708. To win one needs Halfway mark plus one ie. 549452 votes : NDA led by BJP Plus shivsena  has 537683 votes : The shortage is around 1200 votes The BJD. TRS.,& YSR Congress has promised to support the BJP Candidate : AIADMK support is a bonus ,as such Kovind is sure to win. The opposition is thinking of putting up MS Swaminathan as their nominee, he should not accept it cuz he is sure to lose the race.

Last elections Sangma lost to Pranab Mukerjee. In India Caste plays an important part in elections .If conversion was allowed most of the Indians would happily convert to SC & ST to enjoy the special status and reap the constitutional benefits. Ramnath Kovind is the second to become President of India. He has strong RSS links. KR Narayan was the first to become ther Dalit President.Political compulsions forced BJP to opt for a Dalit. He once headed the Dalit Front and was a saffron party’s spokesperson. Throughout India Dalits are opposing the strong Hindutva of BJP and the party does not want to lose the Dalit Votebank. This election is a fore runner to the next Lokhsabha elections. The BJP and Congress has to position themselves and locating partners and allies///

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Gorkha land for Nepali speaking people of WB

                             Separate state of Gorkhaland,in north Bengal area

Trinamool congress has erred in introducing Bengali language in the Nepal speaking areas of Darjeeling as a compulsory subject in the educational institutions. The violence that has erupted has scared thousands of tourists and they are running away from this area. The linguistic nationalism has harmed the state more than anythingelse. Not long ago we saw the anti Bengali hatred and violence in Assam & Neighboring states. The Bengalis like the Dravidians of Tamil Nadu ,never seem to  learn. Gorkha Janamukthi Morcha leader  Bimal Gurang  Gave this call for this agitatation and it has reopened the long standing demand for Gorkhaland,a separate state to be carved out of the present state of West Bengal. The GJM is an ally of BJP. The centre has assured the TMC ruled state of all help and rushed 600 troops to put down the violence in the hills. The all party meeting called by GJM was attended by the BJP at the same time. The party is doing a tight rope walk. The Nepali speaking people of the state will only be happy, when a separate state as demanded by them is granted to them. The fight has been going on for a long time.. The BJP wants to emerge as a Major force in WB and as an alternate to TMC. The demand for Vidharba in Maharastra State,where BJP is in power is a pinprick for the party. The people of Darjeeling are disillusioned because of lack of opportunities for full development and the heavy influx Bengalis, their culture and language. WB has neglected this area since long and is treating it as its backyard. The Tea estates nurtured by Britishers, are closing down daily due to disputes and financial problems. The Darjeeling Tea is world famous and very costly, after the fall of the Soviet Union, a big captive market was lost once for all. The story is same, even in Assam. The people of Darjeeling  and Assam want to chase out the Bengalis and illegal Bangladeshis, out of their state and live in peace ///




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States counter Centre’s rule

                                                Sale of cattle for slaughter

Yet another state has shown two fingers to the Ban on sale of cattle for slaughter- MEGALAYA.Kerala, Tamilnadu,Goa ,all predominantly beef eating states are celebrating , the BAN,by organizing Banquets in public places. In Tamilnadu many profess to be Hindus but do not follow Hinduism, These Dravidians have been eating beef since ages.same is true of Maleyalees in Kerala. National Sample Survey shows, 80.74 % of citizens consume Beef Megalaya. It is the largest consumer of Beef & its products in India. It is way ahead of Nagaland and Lakshadweep. Two BJP MLA’S have resigned saying Beef eating is part of their Culture & Tradation.The state CM has claimed that the central rule has infringed the rights of the states. Many people on this country are under the impression that India is a Federal country. On the contrary, India that is Bharat is a unitaryState with some Federal principles grafted on to it. The imposition of BJP’s non-secular ideology is not acceptable to the opposition parties.

Many Brahmins of a particular group eat Beef in old Mysore state, they were converted by their Guru from Dalit communities and they continue to eat beef, & they are doing it since ages. Their main excuse is, even during Vedic period Hindus/Brahmins were eating Beef and they are only continuing that tradition. We have thousands of un-productive cattle & we cannot burden the farmers and ask them to look after them. The Govt should open cattle shelters and feed them in Ghoshalas.This is an un-necessary burden on the state.

The Modi Govt says it is only implementing the SC order and Beef eating has not been banned. In many states the Ban already exists. In J&K, where the population is predominantly Muslim, the Maharaja Hari Singh had banned the slaughter of Mulch cow. The only state that had a written constitution before signing the instrument of accession to India. Majority of Muslims there were converts from the Brahmin Pandit community. Even Farrook abdulla’s forefathers were Saraswath Brahmins. Very recently In a place called Mathur in shivamogga Distt,of Karnataka Brahmins performed the Ashwamedha Yagna and all those who participated in it, ate the flesh of  the sacrificial Horse. Horse meat eating is very common in the Kashmiri valley.

There is nothing wrong in eating Beef. Even in services Jawans consume Beef stealthily, although it is not supplied in the mess. Though Pork is not eaten by Muslims, yet it is supplied, b’coz majority of Hindus consume the same///

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Theresa’Elecion gamble

Thereasa May to hang on, take  support of DMU

Conservatives(Theresa May)-318 L Labour(Jeremy Corbyn)-261 : Scottish Natinal Party-(Nicola Sturgeon)35 :Liberal Democrats(Tim Farron)-12 : Democratic unionist party (Arlene Foster)-10  :: Conservative party Majority was wiped out in the last General elections. There was a surge in Labour support as most of the youngsters voted for Labour. She called for a surprise poll in the hope of getting a personal mandate for BRexit . The conservatives shared 42 % and the labour just over 40 %.The upbeat campaign by the labour Leader and an un precedence higher turnout by the younger voters resulted in hung parliament. Her efforts to get a decisive mandate failed and she has become a lame duck PM.The market has immediately reacted and sterling took a beating. The 28 nation,EU is worried. When Britain leaves the EU, the Northern Ireland will have common borders with southern Ireland,which is a member of EU.Scotland may demand another referendum. The British PM will have lot of problems like Immigration, single economic zone, Trade & investment, and it will need tactful/careful handling. The EU will be happier to deal with a lame duck PM.because it will be easier to do so. Many people will see the election result “Messy” This is the price one has to pay for lack of true leadership. The labour party leader, given a chance to form the Govt,would have brought back the welfare state like his predecessor Atlee .The Govt had stopped Subsidies for  free education and , Medical care ,Housing, social care were reduced. The Thatcher-Blair c conservative economics brought misery to the poor. The de-nationalization led to mismanagement in Railways and other critical   sectors.

The Three devastating terror attacks, poor leadership qualities and her lackluster performance and her stint as Home Secretary in the previous govt. alienated the traditional vote banks. The British islands is one country where the prosperity and security and opportunity is shared by all. The country does not bother, where you come from,? Who your parents are ? Only Talent & Handwork is respected. The very fact 12 MPs have been selected from the PIO community shows the secular character of the country///


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Farmer’s fury in MP

                                                           Farmers fury tears up BJP in MP

The violence has spread from Maharashtra to MP state. Six farmers are killed in Police firing: Mode has rushed 1100 personnel (RAF) to control the violence unleashed by the farmers instead of finding a solution : The farmers are demanding ,Loan Waiver, Debt relief, Pension benefits & better crop prices. Mandsuar district is the centre of action. The agitators are assaulting policemen and journalists. The Maharastra CM has somehow solved the problem, Shivasena is up against the coalition partner and has decided to cast its luck, in favour of the farmers and gain political mileage. It is the pathedars of Gujarat who are helping their kin in western MP.

Why Modi is keeping mum on the police firing? He has failed to keep up his promises. The BJP waived farm loans in UP, just to win the elections. The RBI is against the concept of Loan Waivers as it affects the Macroeconomic position in the country. The Modi Govt wants to lower interest rates to boost the economy

 and was goading RBI for the same but the central Bank has struck to its guns and has refused to oblige the Union Govt, Modi is concentrating his attention on SOC and its meeting in Astana . Indians are losing interest in BJP because of its failure to keep Election promises. The MP farmers had Drought for two years, back to back, this year they have surplus of Onions, but to their bad luck, the prices are steadily falling & the Govt has failed to buy onions at the MSP, due to lack of storage space (A standard excuse of all the states) The BJP swept the state 14 years back and Chouhan Govt has increased agricultural production spectacularly. The agricultural output in MP is the best per acre, as compared to any state in India, Suicides of farmers is the highest in India. The State is due to go to polls next year. The Central Govt is thinking of Intelligence failure about farmer’s mobilization and the ferocity of their attacks. The Farm protests are likely to spread to other states. Recently we saw the Madrasi farmers agitating in Dehi, by dancing naked, drinking their own urine & eating their food on the dirty roads.

Farmer’s of Karnataka are in no way better off. Agriculture has become unviable, agriculture labourers are moving to nearby cities for employment and to eke out a living. The PM promised to double the farmer’s income during the next five years. The first failure of Modi Govt was the De-monetization policy. His advisory staff failed to understand the intelligence of the un-educated Indian Citizen. The farmers of Karnataka wants the loan waiver scheme to be implemented, the cong govt is applying the pressure on BJP party members to exert pressure on the Modi’s BJP Govt to waive the loans. The centre has waived Rs 1,65,000 crores to one section of the people, who are its vote bank.

Next year the BJP will be wiped out in MP. Shivaraj Singh chouvan had a field day in MP since  2005 to day he is ruling the state with thousands of Policemen in riot gear patrolling the streets,///

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Is Major Gogoi a criminal?

Who is this Major gogoi ? Why is he in news now a day?

Is he a criminal? Why there is a court of inquiry ordered by Army against him? Why the FIR registered inspite of AFSPA? What made the CAS jup the gun & issue a commendation letter? Someone called him a General Dyer. Gogoi’s were originally army generals in the kingdom of Asom,like chetias were kings. This officer is a product of the Army officer Mill. First of all it was wrong on his part to tie up a voter to the bonnet of his Jeep & parade him in several villages, as a human shield. Mehabooba mufti publically praised his action, under intense pressure from BJP,

Coalition partner. UN resolution rule-34 article 5 is very clear on this issue. No officer can justify this action. India is a signatory.

Right to life includes right to live in dignity. Gogoi dragged this poor hapless voter from village to village. This could happen only because of the protection, the Army enjoys under AFSPA .His action actually merits a General Court Martial. He should be charged for violating human rights. Major Gogoi belongs to 53 RR and he has disgraced his unit, by his brash action. A matured Army General should not have rushed to award a commendation certificate to Gogoi. By this action, we have alienated the people of J&K and given a handle to the separatists.

Some people have raised the point, whether Army men have human rights? Well they do not have. Army is controlled by a Disciplinary act & many provisions are draconian. If one challenges’ in the Supreme Court, many provisions will be struck down///

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Did India mis the OBOR Bus?

OBOR : Did India miss the Bus ?

India should make a fresh assessment of its stand on OBOR/BRI/CPEC & participate in it in its own interest. It is utter foolishness to think of India’s sovereignty over the Azad Kashmir. Is it under our control? Is it under our administration? A big NO. Does India thinking of taking over the piece of territory by force ? NO . Azad Kashmir,as the name suggests is fully Azadi,  fully under the possession and control of Pakistan and is being administered by it. India inherited rights of suzerainty over Tibet from the Britishers but Nehru  gave it up once China invaded the Tibetan Region & fully occupied it in the year 1950. Nehru gave up the security council seat, when it was offered to India, in favour of China, Why ? Was he scared of the Giant China ? I think he was. Why the govt of India not talking about the POK/Azad Kashmir? I thimh it is scared ! By Inviting & granting asylum to Dalai Lama & recognizing the Tibetan Govt in Exile, India thought it can medal in the internal affairs of China and get international sympathy. He ran to the UN General assembly with the complaint of J&K invasion by Pakistan. He promised plebiscite and later realized the foolishness of his promise & went back on it.

If India wants Trade & Shared prosperity, we have to forget about the sovereignty issue in Azad Kashmir. Either sell that area or cede it honorably to China and conclude a peace treaty. America, a rich & a powerful country sold Alaska to Russia. There is absolutely no reason, why we cannot sell the so called POK to china in exchange for Arunachal Pradesh. The Britishers who were our colonial masters had built a OBOR on Land & Sea and they  capacity to rule over the area though they had no man power, ruled  by using vassal troops. All the modern rights that we have enshrined in our constitution are western ideas & is actually meant for them, not for the Orientals. The Orientals were expected to be subservient to their interests. The Chinese have learnt their lessons from their past masters. Speed saves time and time saves money. China wants to encircle India and squeeze it economically and militarily. All in the name of profits fo r collective prosperity. The poor nations in the Asian belt want to develop economically. As a Chinese put it if you are poor, what is the point in being secure, best thing is to the join the club for cash. Ignore all issues of sovereignty & suzerainty

Territory is a geographical area include within a particular govt jurisdiction in a states exclusive possession and control. China does not want anyone to hobnob with Tibet Taiwan,Diaoyu and ughur. It is not interested whether J&K legally belongs to India or not? The people of Kashmir claim they are not Indians and they want azadi. In such a scenario, India  is skating on thin ice, while laying claim on POK/Azad Kashmir. State sovereignty means the supreme political authority of an independent state. India is trading with communist china & the trade is about 85 billion USD and the rout of Indian Army during 1962 did not hinder India in its trade///

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